Discover Weave's Essence with At Ease Homeware Co

Weave's heart and soul come from Warwick Fabrics, Australia's leading wholesale fabric house with over 50 years of experience. For over half a century, Warwick has been a cornerstone in Australian homes, providing high-quality fabrics for couches, chairs, and curtains. Their strong reputation is built on great relationships with customers and the Australians who love their products. At Weave, we share these core values of trust, reliability, integrity, and a passion for textiles, colour, and exquisite design.

Locally Designed, Quality Crafted All Weave products are meticulously designed by our in-house designers across Australia and New Zealand, tailored to suit local markets and preferences. Each piece is crafted with exceptional quality, attention to detail, and materials selected for their softness and durability. Our unique collection includes embroidered cushions, luxurious throws, and timeless floor rugs, all reflecting contemporary Australian living.

From At Ease Homeware Co, we hope that our Weave pieces will find a cherished place in your home. Explore our collection today and bring the essence of Weave into your living spaces. Enjoy the quality, comfort, and style that Weave products offer!

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